May 2012 archive

Saving Children: Safeguards for Spouses and Society

Children suffer mercilessly as America no longer honors their needs—nor even their lives. Laws, policies and institutional support that would safeguard their birth, well-being, safety, development, and education no longer matter to leaders and adults entrusted with their care. Legislators, judges and courts, legal and mental health professionals and organizations, houses of worship, citizens’ groups, …

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A Covenant Call

To Defend Her Children & The Divine Plan On behalf of our children who have no voice and who suffer the most, may we ask our Church to elevate the sacrament and living expression of our faith, marriage, to share in our Church’s defense of human life and the Divine Plan? For forty years, America …

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Finally Fixing Broken Family Law! Responsible Spouse Guidelines

“Divorce law in many states now is fundamentally unjust. Men and women who have invested their very lives in the financial, social, and emotional welfare of their families can be left high and dry if their spouse wants a divorce and they do not. More specifically, men and women who have honored their vows, have …

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