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Barney Field: Detroit learns from our ‘miracle’

By Barney Field / Guest columnist / El Paso Times POSTED:   03/23/2014 12:00:00 AM MDT Detroit clergy are curious about why El Paso is the safest large city while their city continues to be the most dangerous. They have graciously invited me to speak on “The El Paso Miracle” at a conference on April …

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Marriage & Family Facts USA

Census 2010 Household Data American Fact Finder[1] National Data 1950 National Data:        Married households – 78.0% Percentage of unwed births:[2]  3.9% Population: 150,697,361 1960 National Data:        Married households – 74.3%[3] Percentage of unwed births:[4]  5.3% Percent of children living with two married parents:  85.0%[5] Percent of children living with mother only:  8.0% Percent of children …

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