February 2015 archive

2015 THE YEAR OF MARRIAGE Declares U.S. Archbishop  

Marriage Job One For Michigan By Dr. Michael T. Ross In this fifteenth year of the third Millennium, 2015, world attention converges on humanity’s clash with the natural male-female order of human life. Emboldened by pervasive passivity and indifference to the plight of children, a self-anointed tribe asserts its authority in a plethora of markets, …

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How Many Kids Grow Up With Their Married Mom and Dad?

Leslie Ford February 21, 2015 It’s not normal these days for a teen to live with their married mom and dad. Fifty-four percent of U.S. teens 15-to-17-years-old do not live in a home with their married mother and father, according to the Fifth Annual Index of Family Belonging and Rejection released this month by the Family Research …

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Anniversary of Moynihan Report Sparks Debate about Marriage in America

Metro Detroit marriage activists weigh In Dr. Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s landmark 1965 report linking unwed births with serious urban pathologies unleashed a stormy debate about marriage, and 50 years later the controversy continues. The Family Research Council (FRC) in Washington recalled Moynihan’s keen foresight with a press forum Feb. 12th. Minister and attorney Garland Hunt …

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