FL-DOFH_logo-smallOur mission at Defending Our Fathers House (DOFH) is to establish the legal and institutional integrity of marriage and family.

DOFH recognizes that marriage unites a man and a woman with each other and any children born from their union.

Children have a fundamental, natural right to know and be cared for by mother and father, as far as is possible. This right, by virtue of children’s vulnerability, dependency, and unique needs for survival and success, requires institutional safeguards that optimally protect the relationships of mother and father to each other and to their child(ren) so that they may best serve those needs and thrive as a family.

We invite you to join us in defending institutional marriage, children, spouses, and parents by first educating yourself, family members, and others about the issues concerning marriage. Strong, healthy marriages provide the vital foundation for families, neighborhoods, communities and nations. We ask you to invest your unique gifts, time and resources with us and other marriage advocates to establish the legal and institutional integrity of marriage, parenthood, and family life.