Building Michigan’s Mission Field for Love


FRIDAY, JUNE 10, at 6:30 PM

Please RSVP or order tickets no later than June 7.



31555 Woodward Ave
Royal Oak, MI 48073



Buffet dinner includes a choice of two entrees plus several pastas, bread, salad, and refreshments. We ask a donation of $12 per person or $24 per couple to help cover expenses for the dinner.


Rev. Dr. Nick Phillips Speaks on Marriage Mentoring

Come dine with us at a DINNER FOR TWO (or More) June 10 at Pasquales in Royal Oak at 6:30 PM. Come listen as Rev. Dr. Nick Phillips, marriage pastor of Michigan’s largest church, Northridge, shows us how more and healthy marriage will make Michigan truly great once again (see bio below). Meet married couples who help singles and other couples to live the promise of ‘I do’ in Michigan’s vineyard of love.

bf37b7da00729ed3a3d989851a2b626bLearn how the heart of making America great once again summons married couples to witness their lives to singles and other couples. More than erecting glittering towers and entertainment palaces, truly rebuilding our 315-year old Detroit region and our lush Great Lakes State means restoring God’s first institution amongst her people.

Come be part of MARRIAGE MOTOWN 2020 as Michigan singles and couples unite as one heart for one mission: to build a married community that Michigan’s 2.3 million little ones may grow up united in love by Mom & Dad—loving parents who together vow “I do” each day to have and to hold, for better or worse, in good times and bad, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health—to love one another all the days of their lives.

Let us make Michigan truly great again.

Hope soars high amidst rising chatter about America once again becoming great. Such greatness must reflect the united witness of men and women who make their households our homeland from sea to shining sea. Greatness is what the world will see in America’s habits of love, her integrity, character, and the promises we her people keep each day, week-to-week, decade-to-decade.

In truth, our American homeland is falling apart and far short of greatness. Michigan leads America’s spiraling fall amongst larger states with unwed birthing that averages 45% and exceeds 80% in some cities. South of 8 Mile in Michigan’s flagship city, 95% of first-born children grow up in unwed homes. In Flint 80% of babies are born to unwed households. Annually our Great Lakes State maintains the highest ratio of divorce to marriage in the Midwest (64%). Do we Michiganders truly care about our Great Lakes State and about fellow citizens and little ones who make their home here as part of our Michigan family?

Let’s show the world Michiganders can make our homeland great again.  Come to DINNER FOR TWO (or More) and make it an evening of Great Lakes love.

Buffet dinner includes a choice of two delicious entrees plus several awesome pastas, bread, salad, and refreshments. We ask a donation of $12 per person or $24 per couple to help us manage expenses for this dinner event.

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Phillips-PhotoRev. Dr. Nick Phillips began adult life in corporate business for 9 years before entering the seminary. He has 24 years of experience pastoring couples in marriage including experience as a Navy Chaplain.  In addition to his academic theology education, Rev. Dr. Nick holds a doctoral degree in marriage and family ministry and serves as Adjunct Professor at Eastern Seminary in doctoral studies of marriage and family life ministry. He has been a guest professor at Concordia University in organizational/leadership systems for MBA students.

Rev. Dr. Nick has travelled internationally and served in ministry overseas including Europe and Africa. He has been a pastor in three congregations, first in his native Iowa farm community, then in Austin, Texas, and for the past 13 years at Northridge Church in Plymouth, Michigan’s largest single congregation with over 22,000 members attending services at one location.

Rev. Dr. Nick has presented on marriage care across the United States and overseas. He is a National Prepare-Enrich[1] trainer and supervisor.  With his wife of 33 years, Rev. Dr. Nick has raised four children to adulthood, two of whom are married. He officiated at his own son’s marriage in the spring of 2014. At Northridge, approximately 50 volunteer marriage mentor couples serve amongst the many relationship-building, marriage education, and marriage mentor ministry and care programs that provide pastoral marriage and family care to the Northridge congregation: http://northridgechurch.com/connect/care-directory.

Northridge Church has a divorce rate of 7.4 percent for the past thirteen years. This compares to the U.S. 5-yr divorce rate of 24%, which is three-fold greater than Europe’s, the highest divorce rate world-wide outside the United States.


[1] prepare-enrich.com