Our April 7th Interfaith Clergy and Community Leader Conference proved a spectacular success. The Metro Detroit Miracle has already begun!

See for yourself as you spend time in our gallery below (all pictures taken by Jennifer Elahi) and observe the 120 Metro Detroiters who attended — clergy & community leaders from the family of Abraham — Muslims, Jews, & Christians — representatives of all three branches of the Jordan River, yet fellow Michiganders, too. In attendance were denominations of all three faiths. Together, they mix and mingle, even pray together despite different worship traditions for recognizing God.

After exploring various solutions in Q&A and Breakout sessions for quelling America’s plague of marriage & family brokenness, conference leaders developed a 5-year action plan for Restoring Marriage & Family in 2014.  A key focus is to safeguard children by mobilizing volunteer married couples in their congregations to mentor other couples to promote and increase the success rate of Mom and Dad in marriage & family life and decrease divorce, cohabitation, unwed births, and the disordered sexual behavior that causes so much suffering for children and young people especially.

El Paso, the nation’s third poorest region, followed this plan and successfully dropped divorce 80 percent resulting in more intact, married homes throughout the region. El Paso became the safest large city in the United States. Metro Detroit leaders aspire to emulate this outcome, only to do so even better and faster than El Paso. El Paso Baptist businessman, Barney Field, who led the Texas effort to restore the city, once the fourth most violent city in America, said, “I love Detroit,” and promised to volunteer his time to help Metro Detroiters pray for a Metro Detroit Miracle, and take steps to make it happen far sooner than anyone could imagine.

Photos credit: Jennifer Elahi