By Michael T. Ross, M.D


Marriage is the civil rights issue of our day. 

iStock_000010280186SmallSuddenly, in little over a decade, America’s powers and principalities, guardians of law, the legal profession, and our judicial branch, have advanced an inscrutably dark agenda for marriage and family life.  Throughout our nation, this agenda has lead to an imminent and near permanent redefinition of marriage, a definition that defiles God and humanity itself as it dissolves the very meaning and purpose of our Constitution.  This new definition of marriage strips children of the basic human rights so fundamental to our founders in drafting the Declaration of Independence and then, following an interminably painful and bloody revolutionary war,  in constructing the Constitutional framework they erected  to secure liberty and justice for all human beings on this blood vetted soil we call America.

The overt legal gutting of marriage first emerged in 1969 when the American Bar Association (ABA) unveiled its comprehensive design for dissolution of the “I do” man and woman pledge as they vow to marry each other, the Uniform Marriage & Divorce Act.   Beginning in 1970, the ABA’s Uniform Law Commission ( rapidly steered this new model of unilateral, unconditional divorce on demand into compiled law in most states over the ensuing decade.  By 1985, 49 of 50 states had adopted No Fault Divorce, the common name for the American Bar Association’s Uniform Marriage & Divorce Act of 1970.  In 2010, with one of the lowest divorce rates in the United States, New York became the 50th and final state to adopt this radical ABA paradigm for marriage and divorce life in America.  One year later, New York State became America’s largest state to legalize same-sex marriage reversing the leadership trend it had set for resisting uniform, unilateral, No Fault Divorce on demand, and adding powerful momentum to powers and principalities advancing same-sex marriage and dissolving the fundamental rights of American children.

Few Americans realize how in 1970 the American Bar Association and its Uniform Law Commission, guardians of law in these United States of America, fully committed to dissolve the Constitutional protections for contract and covenant that man and woman pledge either in a secular civil marriage, or in vows of covenant with God that they contract in a religious marriage ceremony. Just as slavery, in 1861 when Abraham Lincoln became president, was inconsistent with the truths articulated in the Declaration of Independence and safeguarded by our U.S. Constitution, so too are No Fault Divorce and Same-Sex Marriage inconsistent with our United States under God. In Lincoln’s time, this inconsistency meant Civil War between North and South.


Today, in 3rd Millennium America under President Barack Hussein Obama, this inconsistency means Civil War between man and woman, an abomination God’s people will never accept.  Man and woman belong to God and to each other. God is love.  One nation under God means love reigns indivisible and supreme in our homeland, the United States of America.

Unalienable rights from God—Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness—inspired our nation’s founders to declare our independence and to commit this nascent United States of America to fight a bloody, painful eight year revolution.  This decisive act of faith produced the most extraordinary national achievement for human freedom in world history. Ever since, human beings world-wide have flocked to America with exhilarating dreams of freedom and natural family life with hope that our United States could also become theirs—a homeland for them, their children, and their families, too.

A lot of people think of marriage in terms of romance and personal happiness. But did you know that successful marriages have an impact far beyond the happily wedded couple?

Marriage provides many vital benefits to Americans of all kinds—children, adults, and elderly citizens, communities, and the nation overall.  Health benefits.  Financial benefits.  Not to mention benefits married mothers & fathers provide children every day. Learning. Education. Nurturance. Safety & well-being. Basic people skills like communication, courtesy, and empathy. Role modeling. Citizenship skills, morals, and proper values.  And a spirit of mercy and love spurring sincere and vital concern for the vulnerable as our American way of life. These are fundamental values cherished by people of every ethnicity and every religious background.

Extended family sitting outdoors smilingMarriage, life, and religious freedom are the Civil Rights issues of our day. They concern natural rights of humanity and America’s Constitutional protections for its citizens’ most fundamental rights of contract and of freedom to practice one’s faith—covenant with God. They concern the Civil Rights of vulnerable children to know who their Mom & Dad is and to be loved by them together. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness concerns a child’s natural right to grow up in a household united by the daily “I do” mom and dad promised on their wedding day and continue to witness with committed love and family sacrifices each day and all of their lives.  These issues concern the rights of children who may suffer a tragic loss of their mom and dad to grow up in the next best childhood situation: with other loving adult family members and/or with a married man and woman who offer them a natural family home life to replace the tragic loss of their biological parents and to help heal such sorrowful childhood suffering.

If we as Americans choose to remain too busy to take notice and to care about the persecution our children and all who are vulnerable increasingly face in life here in our United States of America, we have already ceased to exist as a nation. For the mere offering of faith the size of a mustard seed, we are promised the power to command any mountain be it earth and stone climbing high above the clouds, towering trouble, or soaring fear,  “Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”  (Mt 17:20) Do we care enough to invest a mustard seed of faith?
© 2014 Michael T. Ross, M.D.

Dr. Michael T. Ross is an emergency physician and health care communications consultant whose divorce reform proposals have been considered by the Michigan Legislature. Over the years, he has worked closely with clergy, lay faith, and community leaders of most faiths to develop a ‘healthcare system’ for the one flesh union to safeguard and protect children, marriage and family life, and religious civil liberties.

Join concerned, faithful Michigan residents and fellow citizens of these United States to pray on the Capitol Steps September 6 from 2-4 pm for Life, Marriage & Family—heart & soul of Michigan and all of America—and for Relief for Our Persecuted Church here in our homeland and everywhere in all the homelands across the world.

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